Allocation of funding is one of the primary factors in determining a startup's success.

Despite 2020 being a record year for startup investment, female founders received only 2.3% of that.  Economically this restricts female-led startups from participating in shaping the our collective economies.  We believe it is time to change that.

This tool provides female-led startups with an alternative route to funding and a complementary deal flow channel for investors looking for diverse startups!

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Investor Matching Tool


This tool provides an alternative route to funding for female founders and a complementary deal flow channel for investors. It simply matches data by investors (specifically looking to fund female-led startups) with the data received from our investment-ready founders.






Finding a community that you belong, where you have shared values, experiences and goals is priceless. We know that being a founder can be isolating and lonely so finding a supportive community of like-minded women who understand your challenges and share your journey is crucial.



Startup Success Path


Figuring out how to create a successful startup using the methodologies and frameworks commonly used, can be confusing and overwhelming. The Startup Success Path provides easy-to-understand, bite-size modules that break down all the jargon and simplifies the process.




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We are super excited to provide our members which huge discounts or savings on the best SaaS products out there, lowering the cost of starting and sustaining your startup. We have partnered with multiple vendors to give you access to 100's software providers that will help you and your startup thrive.



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We will be hosting live Q&A's every week to support you on the Startup Success Path. We will also be hosting Masterclasses around business topics such as Accounts & Financing, HR & much more. And we will be hosting monthly investor events such as office hours where you can sign up for 1-2-1's with Angels & VCs.

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