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Where existing and aspiring founders from around the globe unite and make meaningful connections, share their knowledge and experiences, collaborate and elevate eachother whilst building successful startups.





Yes! I'm in...

OK, OK Let's Just Call It...Being a Founder Is not Easy, Right?


Isolation, overwhelm, second-guessing are the things nobody tells you about the entrepreneurial journey!  In the beginning, we need to juggle every aspect of the company wearing every possible hat there is CEO, CTO, CMO, CFO & Admin and that's on top of our personal and family life! It's exhausting.


The good news is that none of that matters, because you are finally fulfilling your dream to create something awesome, that will have a positive impact and change things for the better.  And on top of that, you can finally be your own boss.  You are empowered to take control of your future and above all, you have found your purpose!


Finding a community to belong to whilst doing all of this is crucial.  The right communities support founders to achieve more and are a huge source of encouragement, resource and value (amongst many other things).


The aim of the FFS Community is to do just that, to be your silent co-founder to support you when you need it, be your sounding board, to elevate you and provide the value you need to thrive and succeed.


Competition and egos are left at the (imaginary) door, we are all about sisterhood, elevation, knowledge-sharing, meaningful connections, value....oh and fun, after all, let's not forget ladies...we got this!  


Does that sound like something you need?





So Who Does This Community Serve?

  • Most importantly it's for any existing or aspiring female and non-binary founders who want to connect, engage and support and be supported by other like-minded women. 

  • For those who feel isolated or overwhelmed whether you are just getting started or have an existing startup.

  • For those aspiring founders who have an idea for a startup or side hustle and are finding your feet, who maybe need that boost in confidence to make the leap into the startup world.

  • For those founders who are established are at the crucial stage of looking for investment and want the knowledge, tools and resources we can provide.

  • And for those who have on the second or third startup and have a huge amount of knowledge and experience to share and want to give back to the women still scaling the startup ladder.


Your Community Awaits!  

Don't struggle with isolation or overwhelm again, join our Founder Community and be part of a Squad of women all doing amazing things who are ready to support and elevate eachother & their startups!

Whether you are an aspiring founder, have a side-hustle or are an existing founder we really do have everything you and your startup will need!  On top of that just look at all of the additional benefits you will receive.

Full Feature Access For Only..

£29pm / $34pm / €34

For A Limited Time Only!

  • Membership Includes...

    • Access to our Global Founder Community 

    • Access to our RISE: Startup Academy bite-size modules

    • Access to the Investor Matching Tool (when ready)

    • Support & mentorship from the FFS Team with 1-2-1 Founder Check-ins

    • Invites to our events i.e. Co-working in Metaverse, Masterclasses, Investor Events & FFS Meetups

    • Access to our amazing Startup Resource Library that will blow your mind

    • Access to 100's SaaS product discounts

    • Access to the Female Founder Squad App