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Learn The Methodology, Strategies  And Frameworks  That You Will Need To Succeed.


Are you an aspiring or existing non-binary or female founder?  Do you want to learn how to create, grow and scale a startup?

Then this program is for you. It has been specifically designed for female and non-binary entrepreneurs. 

Choose between the short taster course or the 6 week pre-accelerator program and turn your idea into a successful startup by following our step by step guide.


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Now Is The Time To Take Action!

Have had a business idea for a while but not sure how to get started? 
Do you dream of owning your own business, so that you can finally take control of your future?
You don't have to go to business school to be an entrepreneur...but if you are wanting to create a startup,  you do need to know some crucial fundamentals to succeed!
This startup accelerator programme is for you if:
  • Have an idea and are unsure how to get started
  • You want to start a business the right way
  • You need the confidence and validation to get things moving
  • You have business or side hustle that isn't living up to expectations 
  • You are ready to stop dreaming and starting doing

Perfect For You If...

  • You have been thinking about starting your own business for a while and want to do it right
  • You want to know and apply strategic steps that will help reduce the risk of starting a company
  • You need the confidence and skills to know how to approach entrepreneurship
  • You are so overwhelmed and confused that you don't know where to start or what to do next
  • Or have started and things aren't quite going to plan and you need to regroup
  • Your startup is doing ok but your business model is holding you back
  • You want insight into the engines of growth to help you scale your business to next level
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Not For You If...

  • You don't have a clear business idea
  • You like to procrastinate and make excuses
  • You can't invest in yourself or business
  • You aren't ready to take the necessary steps to move to the next level
  • You have a fixed mindset and won't budge from your original idea
  • You aren't open to learning proven success strategies





Jessy Santana,

Founder of The Way We Work


"I've been through courses, an accelerator or two, and I still felt like I wasn't building a business but the FFS Startup Academy breaks it down in a way that is clear, concise and is full of great insight. 
Having access to this and Zoe's support as well as other founders is  a great resource because even though we are all doing different things in different areas, we can all benefit from each others' knowledge."

Jamie Wilson,

Founder of Taileur


"The Female Founder Squad Start Academy has provided me with the support & insight required to launch my startup.  
FFS & Zoe provided the knowledge and support around each stage of development and gave me actionable steps to complete in order to build my business.  I have never felt so positive and informed  & am very excited about the journey ahead."

My Background & Why I created This Programme... 


I have worked in the Digital & Tech Industry for almost 10 years.  I have studied Entrepreneurship, Lean Methodology, Agile & User-Centred Design and have a passion for mentoring women in the startup world.  

In 2021 I was delighted to be asked to join the Mentoring Teams of Silicon Valleys Founder Institute (UK Chapter) and the UK Governments Help To Grow Scheme.

I am honoured to have joined Scotlands Top University, Robert Gordon's University, Business Schools Advisory Board & the Mentoring Team for the RGU Accelerator Programme.  Most recently I have joined the Silicon Valleys On Deck Community Builders fellowship.

Prior to becoming a founder myself, I worked as the (startup) Community Manager for one of the UK's biggest startup incubators and have seen first-hand the disparity that exists between founders, based solely on gender.

I have, over the years also seen entrepreneurs make a lot of the same mistakes over and over, so I created this easy to understand framework, so those female and non-binary founders could avoid these and have access to the proven and effective methodologies, principles and strategies used by the most successful startups today!

By joining the programme, founders also gain access to the vibrant and supportive community so they don't feel isolated and have peer to peer support throughout their startup journey and when ready you get free access to our Investor Matching Tool to find funding and get the list of further benefits below. 

What Will This Programme Give You - The End Result?

  • Business Knowledge - you will gain so much valuable knowledge about lean startup methodology and strategies used in the tech industry.  It will take you through the various stages of a startup and give you to tools to implement them.  To build a robust business model and product or service.  You will learn how to reduce risk and provide you with the tools you need to continuously build, measure and learn as you grow.
  • Confidence - give you the confidence to follow your dreams and become the entrepreneur you've always wanted to be.  It will give you the reassurance you need to make the leap into entrepreneurship and a step-by-step guide so that you can create, grow and scale a successful and sustainable startup.
  • Peace of Mind - in knowing that you have mitigated and reduced the biggest risks associated with starting a new business so that you can launch knowing you have demand and customers ready to buy
  • Insights - you will also gain in-depth insights into your customers, your market, your financials and the data needed to not only meet but surpass your customer's expectations 

Lynn, Founder of Talent On Leave

I joined FFS' Start-Up Academy thinking it would be more of the same entrepreneurial guidance and accountability but knowing I'd still get something from it. I was wrong! 

It surpassed my expectations and bolstered my inner confidence.  Before this, I was so bored of the testosterone-fuelled hustle and pressure I was putting myself under. Now? Not so much. Watch out world!

Shannon, Founder of The Boheme Collective

The Startup Academy is the accelerator program I have been searching for. The comprehensive videos and workshops made it so easy to go back and review and ensure that I had the full understanding.

Building and learning along other women experiencing the same challenges as founders was truly what made this program so invaluable. It's real, authentic and an absolute must for all aspiring female entrepreneurs.

Rachel, Founder of Buttercup Learning

If you are a female founder looking for a kick start to your business I highly recommend signing up to Female Founder Squad Startup Academy.

Zoe is approachable and very knowledgeable on start-up business, investment and growth. Her programme is superb, and provides you with accountability, peer knowledge and community. I've binged lots of short courses but this is the most comprehensive programme I've taken part in.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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Get clarity, knowledge and confidence you need to take the leap into entrepreneurship and finally launch your startup!
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Startup Academy Taster Program

What's Included

  • Get Access To Our Short Course 
  • 25 Videos
  • 5 Module Workbooks
  • Templates & Exercises
  • All Done At Your Own Pace


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6 Week Pre-Accelerator Program

What's Included

  • Full Accelerator Support
  • Weekly Cohort Classes
  • Access to FFS Community
  • Access to Investor Matching Tool
  • 25 Videos, Workbooks, Templates & Resources 


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