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Female Founder Squad Academy

Accelerate Your Business Knowledge To Accelerate Your Success!

Calling all female entrepreneurs...before you go and spend lots of time, money and effort creating and launching a business, learn the business fundamentals used by the world's most successful startups and most importantly learn how you can apply them to your business to reduce risk, gain insight, grow and scale a successful company.


The Female Entrepreneurs Success Path

Why assumptions can be fatal for any business and long before you start thinking about spending your money building your product/services or creating your branding and marketing you should learn these fundamental business principles that will build the foundations to make your business a stand-out success.

Module 1:

Assumptions & Building Your Business Model

Learn how to test your business idea & your initial assumptions; Begin to create your 12 component Business Model 

Module 2:

Validate, Validate & Validate

Compare different business models; develop your unique value proposition using specific frameworks and strategies to create and validate each component of your business model starting with the riskiest 

Module 3:

Build It, Launch It & Test It

Learn how to build an MVP (for a product or service) to test your market, demand & business model (at little or no cost); learn about metrics  & how to gather the right data to allow you to measure progress & bring value to your customers 

Module 4:

Growth & Optimisation

Learn about the various growth strategies you need to optimise your business; and how to use specific metrics to fully understand your companies true financials 

Module 5:

Scaling & Blitzscaling

Learn about growth drivers & limiters; how to scale and when to scale and the types & stages of growth

Now Is The Time To Take Action!

You don't have to go to Business School to be an entrepreneur...but you do need to know some fundamentals to succeed!

Ever wondered what business methodologies & strategies the big tech companies, well-known startups, corporates & manufacturers use? 

They use the methodologies & strategies included in this course. 

And the good news is they can be adapted to any business in any sector! 

This course is for you if:

  • Have an idea and don't know what to do next
  • You want to start a business the right way
  • You have business or side hustle that isn't living up to expectations 

What Will This Course Give You?

  • Confidence - to follow your dreams and become the entrepreneurs you've always wanted to be.  It will give you the reassurance you need to make the leap into entrepreneurship and a step-by-step guide so that you can create, grow and scale a successful and sustainable business.
  • Peace of Mind - in knowing that you have mitigated and reduced as much of risks associated with starting a new business as you possibly can and you can launch knowing for your that you have demand and customers ready to buy
  • Insights - you will also gain indepth insights into your customers, your market and your financials and most importantly the fundamentals of constantly improving so that you not only meet but surpass your customer's expectations and needs
  • A Better Understanding Of The Data - you will gain a real understanding of the data you gather through your key metrics and be able to use this data to know when and how to scale.

A Little About Me... 

I am mother to two awesome humans and a huge supporter of female entrepreneurs. 

I have worked in the Digital & Tech Industry for 8+ years and worked closely with entrepreneurs and startups for the last few years. 

This year I was asked to join the Mentoring Teams of Silicon Valleys Founder Institute (UK Chapter), the UK Governments Help To Grow Scheme and am honoured to join Scotlands Top University, Robert Gordon's University, Business Schools Advisory Board.  

Prior to becoming a founder myself, I worked as the Community Manager for one of the UK's biggest startup incubators.

I have seen entrepreneurs make a lot of the same mistakes by either a) wasting all of their precious TIME, MONEY & ENERGY building products/services people don't want; b) not knowing how to put in place the solid foundations of a successful company; c) are in too much of hurry to launch, not knowing that it is already doomed because their business model is fatally flawed or d) because they don't understand the data and metrics needed to help their business grow.

That is why I created this course, to help female entrepreneurs in any sector use the proven and effective methodologies, principles and strategies to build solid foundations of their business that reduce risk and most importantly give you the knowledge and confidence to thrive and succeed.


Grab My Guide On "The Six Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make & How YOU Can Avoid Them"

Need Extra Support...

  • Sign up for the Supported package to receive weekly 1-2-1 coaching/mentoring sessions with me
  • Where every week we work through a Module together and then you have a further week to apply your learning and/or complete the tasks
  • You receive workbooks, templates and examples to help you apply your learning
  • You could receive valuable and personalised feedback

The Result?

No matter which plan you choose the Female Entrepreneur Success Path course will provide you with 5 Modules (25 Videos) of business know-how nuggets that you can apply easily to your business or startup.

The principles, methodologies & strategies have been broken down into easy-to-understand steps and give you a clear step-by-step guide on how you can safeguard your business against the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make and build a solid foundation for your business to thrive.

The result is a founder with the confidence and insights to know how and when to improve, how and when to grow and scale, and how to succeed.

Perfect For You If...

  • You have been thinking about starting your own business for a while and want to do it right
  • You want to know and apply strategic steps that will help reduce the risk of starting a company
  • You need the confidence and skills to know how to approach entrepreneurship
  • You are so overwhelmed and confused that you don't know where to start
  • Or have started and things aren't quite going to plan and you need to regroup
  • Your company is already doing great but you missed out those crucial first steps and want to mitigate against future failing
  • You want insight into how you can grow and scale your business
I'm Ready

Not For You If...

  • You don't have a clear business idea
  • You like to procrastinate and make excuses
  • You can't invest in yourself or business
  • You aren't ready to take the necessary steps to move to the next level
  • You have a fixed mindset and won't budge from your original idea
  • You aren't open to learning proven success strategies






What Are You Waiting For?

Start accelerating your knowledge now so that you can start to accelerate your business.

You will be amazed at the time, money effort and potential pain this course will save you.

It was created to help you and your business succeed and like everything we do at the Female Founder Squad we do it with a founder-first ethos.


Thanks Zoe, Founder of the Female Founder Squad

P.S. If you are unsure about which option is the best for you and need to chat feel free to book a call by clicking on the button below.


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