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Helping female founders tackle the challenges and inequities of the tech industry by providing them with knowledge and tools that will support and enable their startups growth, sustainability and success! 




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It's not easy being a woman in tech and/or a female founder.  You can feel isolated.   You might have a limited budget for the marketing needed to get the exposure your startup needs to succeed.   Maybe you want to gain more insight into startup methodologies but you don't have time or the opportunity to join an accelerator.   And when it comes to funding you don't even know where to start or you do but just can't get any!

No worries, we got you covered lovely.....

FFS Community

At the heart of our platform is a community of women working in tech sharing their knowledge, experience, challenges and wins.  You don't need to feel alone, get connected, elevated and supported by awesome women who believe in #SisterhoodOverCompetition

FFS Knowledge Hub

Want to gain the knowledge and insights you need to create, grow and scale your startup? Don't worry our Knowledge Hub will provide you with bitesize learning modules on the startup methodology and techniques to help you create and grow a successful startup.

FFS Investor Matching Tool

Female-led startups globally receive a shocking 2.3% of VC funding.  We have therefore created a tool that provides an alternative route to funding for female founders and a complementary deal flow channel for investors.

FFS Tech Marketplace

Do you feel like your startup doesn't get enough exposure or are you limited by your marketing budget? If so add your product or service to the external-facing FFS Tech Marketplace - the first of its kind! As our community grows, your customers reach grows!

Hey there lovely, I'm Zoe the Founder of Female Funder Squad. 

In my previous role as Community Manager in a tech incubator, I worked closely with startups and saw firsthand the struggles female-led startups faced and continue to face.

We struggle in getting exposure and finding the right support, as well as getting access to the knowledge and funding needed for the sustainability and success of their startups.  

So I decided to try and help and left my community role to become a female founder who helps female founders...like you!

The features created in the FFS platform have been created with those struggles in mind and provide the solutions to help you tackle those challenges, so that you and your startup can succeed!   

And hopefully that they will help in addressing some of the inequities we women and female-led startups in tech face. 

We didn't come this far, to only come this far!